Корпоративный имидж (Advertising and public relations)

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    Тема: Корпоративный имидж (Advertising and public relations)

    Advertising and public relations.
    D. Ogilvy explains necessity for good and steady image so:
    The mark with steady reputation provides constant volume of manufacture and incomes
    growing from year to year. The steady mark is extraordinary hardy, and this property in due
    course gives huge economy of means.
    The marks with steady reputation provide higher prices in the market and ready sale.
    The marks with steady reputation are hardier. In competitive struggle of the prices they
    survive much more easy, than unstable marks. They a little that lose with occurrence of new
    \"star\" and quickly restore the authority, as soon as the novelty aspect of the appeared goods
    begins to weaken.
    The marks with steady reputation give more, than from them they expect bring significant
    arrived on each dollar, enclosed in them.
    The marks with steady reputation are always ready to approach. They always can expand
    spheres of the influence.
    The marks with steady reputation use special wholesaler\'s love. And not only wholesalers, and
    all others - distributors, customers, packers...
    The marks with steady reputation raise actives of the company, which owns them.
    The marks with steady reputation work on saving your time, money and energy. \"They will
    help you to transfer temporary failures.
    The advertising is understood as is open the, relations, sponsored and paid by the seller, between it and buyer. Certainly, as well as at public relations, purpose of
    advertising - to influence public opinion. However this purpose is usually reached through open efforts on sale of the goods or
    services of firm. \" The Advertising is a printed, hand-written, oral or graphic notification about
    the person, goods, services or public movement, is open outgoing from the advertiser and paid
    by him with the purpose of increase of selling, expansion of clientele, reception of votes or public approval \". As a rule, when speak, that the advertising is included
    into sphere PR, mean
    corporate advertising. There are some types of corporate advertising, including advertising of
    public relations, firm advertising, advertising on creation of distinctive image and advertising for attraction of fresh forces.
    The advertising of public relations is a kind of corporate advertising and is used when the firm
    wants directly to communicate with the buyers to express the feelings or to emphasize the point of view. When the firm makes a decision to replace the name, trade marks, trade
    marks or firm spelling, and also in case of merge to other large company it uses advertising on maintenance of firm style. Last years by the term \"corporate advertising\" have
    begun to name all range of the advertising, which is not concerning the certain goods, and called to improve image of firm. Traditionally advertising of such type referred to as firm.
    The companies and even experts in advertising always subjected to doubt or simply incorrectly understood efficiency of corporate
    advertising. The retail dealers especially adhered to that opinion, that the corporate advertising has the advantages, however at all it forces the cash device to work
    It occurred because:
    The corporations do not define the purpose of the companies.
    They do not measure results. In the recent interrogation which has been carried out
    \"Gallagher Report\", only everyone fourth of the American advertisers has declared, that
    estimates changes in public opinion after realization of the corporate advertising company. The
    majority work blindly.
    Only little is known about effective methods of corporate advertising. The departments
    of marketing and advertising agencies are well familiar with advertising of the goods, but when
    the business reaches corporate advertising, they turn to the fans.
    Only few advertising agencies are familiar with corporate advertising. For them this
    business is not basic. They know as to sell housewives a toilet paper, or to make the advertising
    text for chewing rubber, or how to sell beer by the worker.
    However corporate advertising requires the professionals, which feel as houses in the large
    business? \"The Corporate advertising should not consider a public as concourse idiots. As
    against advertising the goods the corporate advertising company should be a vote of the
    president and its board of directors \".
    Plus any advertising will not rescue image of firm, if it does not meet to its activity. As the
    outstanding expert in advertising Clint Sheyet has noted: \"It is necessary to feel a discord of
    image and reality for a long time.\"
    For example, if large high technologic the firm \"IBM\" has tried to create to itself an image of the
    manufacturer of the goods for a family circle, it quickly would lose trust to herself. D. Ogilvy -
    the founder and chapter of known agency \"Ogilvy\", always acted in support of corporate
    advertising. However majority of samples of corporate advertising induced on him horror,
    abundance of general places and recurrences \". Reacting on criticism and other factors, working
    in the market, the companies have leaded a number of serious changes in the corporate
    advertising companies.
    In the past the majority of samples of such advertising is designed only for creation of a kind
    name of firm. Today, when the firms become more and more versatile and test a severe
    competition on the part of the foreign advertisers, the tasks of corporate advertising considerably
    have extended - it should help achievement of definite purposes. Among them it is possible to
    name the following:
    To finish up to an audience the information on firm and its activity.
    To attract the investors.
    To correct shaking image.
    To involve the qualified experts
    To avoid the further stratification of firm on branches of activity.
    To express on the important questions interesting for a public.
    The concept of the trademark.
    The trademark is not physical essence, except that the buyer thinks, feels and clearly imagines,
    seeing a symbol or name of the mark. The associations just also are that the majority of the
    people of image of the company think. The known trademarks - more \"made out and
    substantial\": they cause richer, stronger and more consecutive associations. To them concern (but the associations with the especial characteristics, symbols, characters
    (images), various styles of life and types of the user are not limited by them). All these taken together associations connected to individuality of the trade mark, create
    complex representation about image of the company, which not so differs from our representation about other people: they force us to think
    of the goods, as about the man. The man has the certain characteristics forming its individuality, it concerns and to image of the company. And just as we \"concern\" to other
    people, the buyer \"has relation \" with firms: the buyer can very zealously concerns to one goods, while other firm (for example, retail dealer by subjects of luxury) can be perceived...

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