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    The British press
    The press is a mirror of current events. This proves to be true when you look
    through any newspaper. There are a lot of photoes, articles, short and long, that inform readers of the latest events.
    It has been claimed that the British read more newspapers than any other people
    throughout the United Kingdom.
    All British papers can be classified as either “quality” or “popular” papers. A
    “quality” paper is a serious national paper that aims at the educated reader. The best known British newspapers which give serious coverage of the news and comment are “The Times”, “The
    Gardian”, “The Financial
    Times” and “The Independant”. They contain information on home and foreign
    affairs, serious editorials, art and literary reviews. They provide up-to-date financial information and proffesional advertiring.
    Some newspapers have colour supplement, with many photographs and advertisements.
    A popular paper is a newspaper that is designed for the undemanding reader. Such papers have brief and direct news reports and a large number of photographs. Much attention is given to
    personal stories. Especially when they mention a figure in the public eye, such as a member of a royal family , a political figure or a film star. The style of English in these
    newspapers is often conversational with much use of slang, catchy headlines. Among these newspapers are “The Daily Express”, “The Daily Mirror”, “The Star”. In addition to national
    daily newspapers there are nine national papers published on Sundays. Several of them include coloured magazines.
    Stavropol is the main town of the Stavropol Territory. It is situated in the
    North Caucasus . Stavropol was founded in 1777 as a fortress. A presen- day Stavropol is young and beautiful. Wide streets, spacious squares, multi storeyed blocks of houses and offices
    add to the beauty of the town. Stavropol in summer is one big park full of flowers.
    Stavropol is a cultural center of the Stavropol Territory. There are three
    universities, many colleges and schools here. Stavropol Drama Theatre is the oldest theatre in the North Caucasus. The town has a puppet theatre, a circus and many cinemas. There are
    many places of interest in Stavropol. Near the cinema “Rodina” you can see a piece of an ancient wall. You can also see a simbolic teht with the key to the town. That’s the place from
    where our town began to grow.
    You can see a wonderful view of Stavropol from Komsomolskaya Gorka. It’s a
    monument to Russian soldiers who died that we might live.
    There are three big parks, we can say forests in our town.
    People like to walk there, especially in fine weather.
    The British Library
    The British Library is the largest public library in Britain. It consists of the
    Reference Division, the Bibliographic Service Division, the National Sound Archive and the Research and Development Department in London, and the Lending Division in Yorkshire.
    The Reference Division has its origins in the library departments of the British
    Museum founded in 1753. It is housed within the same 19th century building of the British Museum, with more than 9 million books stored along two miles of shelving, and includes a
    Gutenburg Bible, the Magna Carta, medieval illuminated manuscripts and original tects by Shakespeare, Dickens, da Vinci and many others. The Reading Room of the British Library is a
    centre of serious study in all fields. It is used by university professors and lecturers,and by those who are engaged in research in therir spare time.
    The richness of the collections in different subjects makes the Library specially
    useful for journalists and writers.
    The Library of Congress today is among the world’s largest. It was established as
    a reference library in 1800, and occupied one room in the building of the United States Capital Washington. These structures hold more than 80 million items in collection of books,
    newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts, films, maps, and work of drama, music, and art. The Library’s archives keep a great number of important and exciting documents from American
    My pet
    Most people like animals. They keep animals at home as pets. Pets may be
    different. People like dogs and cats, birds and hamsters, rabbi and hedgehoge, some people even like snakes.
    But you can’t keep any animals as a pet even if you like him very much. Can a
    crocodile make a good pet? Or a lion, or a tiger, or a bear? You may love them, but will they love you? Some day when they are big they may become dangerous.
    As for me, I prefer dogs. They are so clever and truthful. When they look at you
    with their beautiful eyes it seems to you that they understand you but can’t talk.
    People teach dogs to understand commands, to do some tricks. And it think dogs
    teach people to be kinder, to think of others. People change for better when they keep pets.
    Sure, pets need much care. You must keep the place where they sleep and eat tidy
    and clean, you must give them three meals a day. Dogs need more attention and care than cats. You must take then for walks at least two times a day.
    I have a dog as a pet. His name is Ret. I like him very much. I bought him. My
    dog is kind . He has a black nose, brown and black fur. My dog is pedigree. He likes to bathe. Ret enjoys Chappi and bones. I go for a walk with Ret. My father helps me to take care of
    the dog. I like Ret very much. Ret is a very big dog. He lives in the dog house . We like Ret.
    I help about the house
    We live in a big house. Our flat is on the 3-th floor. We have 3 rooms and a
    kitchen. The flat /house/ has all modern conveniences: gas, electricity, central heating, cold and hot running water. It’s difficult for my mother to run the house herself. I’m big
    enough to help her. Everybody in our family has his own duties. As for me, my duty is to keep the right things in the right places. It means that I must keep my room tidy and clean fold
    up my clothes.
    Usually I tidy up twice a week, on Wednesday and on Saturday. I open the window
    in any weather to air the room. After that I dust the furniture, water the flowers. We do not sweep the floor. We use a vacuum-cleaner for this.
    There is a lot of work in the kitchen. I clean the taps, iron the towels and
    curtains, wash up after meals.
    I do my best to help my mother to run the house. And I’m glad when mother is
    pleased with me.
    Sometimes I go shoping. I buy bread, butter, milk. My father’s duty is to take
    our dog for a walk. But he doesn’t like it. So I take my dog for a walks in the morning.
    My birthday
    Everybody likes holidays. New Year, Christmas, May day and others. But these
    holidays are for all. There is one holiday in a year that belongs only to you. It’s your birthday.
    My birthday was on the 5 of July. In the morning my parents wished me many
    happy returns of the day and gave me presents. Mother gave me a jeans, father bought me a recorder. The day began wonderfully.
    I invited my friends to my birt...

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