Влияние глобализации на семейный бизнес

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    Тема: Влияние глобализации на семейный бизнес

    Assignment for international business

    Topic: “ Influence of globalization on a family business”

    Student 1521222

    The influence of globalization on a family business

    In our century everybody are talking about the globalization and her influence of every aspect of our life, in my assignment I am going to look on the influence of globalization

    on a family business and if there is an influence, try to understand if it is more positive or negative.

    At first we have to give the definitions what does the globalization and family business mean.

    There is no strong definition about what does the globalization mean itself. See ap1 However we can assume that the globalization is developing of market and

    economy involving new members in this process. Now we should give the definition of a family business and here we can see that there are a lot of definitions and a lot of theories how

    we should look at this problem. See

    ap 2

    Actually if

    we compare two

    companies one is owned by a family, and the second one is just an average one. We will see that there are not so many differences however there are some particular

    problems in family owned companies. For example struggling over the person who is making a decision and taking over of business see ap3. In this work we will be looking

    at the whisky producing companies and see how globalization deals with them

    But to understand how does the globalization influences family business and small companies we should look at the instruments that globalization uses. There are

    three of them the first one is WTO the second one is IMF

    and the third one is World Bank. “Look at the three main institutions that govern globalization : the IMF the

    World Bank and the WTO”1“ The IMF and the world bank become the new missionary institutions, through which these ideas (free market) were pushed on the reluctant

    poor countries that often badly needed their loans and grants”2 So that give us the right to say that globalization was born in 1944 “When the

    Bretton Woods Agreement was reached”3

    and for Europe the main data was on 25 march 1957 year see

    ap 5 . . Nonetheless there are different interpretations the main idea is that This organization was establish to protect the economy from

    a crisis and also to make it more stability . Also we need to mention the internet, because this is a part of globalization, may be not as strong as WTO IMF and

    world bank but all in all it became the part of our life we do not even mention how deeply it integrated in our life. And if when we say globalization we usually mean economy in the

    case of internet we can talk about globalization of information and cyber culture.

    Now we shall look at the relations between family owned companies and globalization. However as I have already mentioned there are not so many differences between

    family companies and average enterprises. And it is mostly impossible to look at all family business companies because there are a lot of them and they go through the globalization,

    it will be a mistake to compare a ford motor company to a pub somewhere in Scotland. At the same time they both will be the family owned companies. That was a reason why I decided to

    look at some Scottish whisky producing companies.

    As an example of the company, I decided to take Scottish whisky distilleries owned by family for example

    Glenfiddich , , Cutty Sark ,


    , etc. At first because these are the typical family business companies and they also positioned themselves in this way see

    ap 6. The second reason because the hole history of Scotland is deeply intertwined with a history of whisky, and also because Scotland has got the absolute advantage

    in producing of uisge beata what means the water of life if we translate it from Gaelic. Because according to a scotch whisky act only whisky that were produced in

    Scotland might be called Scottish see app. 7. So it is possible to call the whisky Scottish

    liquid gold because no country in the...

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