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    Constitution USA

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    Nation Grows. Washington Through Jackson. Jefferson

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    Presidents of the United States

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    Thomas Jefferson

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    Jefferson\'s Reason

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    The “American Creed\" and Mankind\'s Spiritual History

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    Jacksonian Democracy

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    Jonh F. Kennedy

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    Presidents at a Glance

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    Excerpts from Inaugural Addresses of American Presidents

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    The literature

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    The US is a federal Union of 50 states each of them has its own government. The seat of the central (federal) government is Washington, D.C.

    The population of the USA is about 250 million people; most of the population lives in towns and cities.

    The United States is rich in natural and mineral resources. It produces copper, oil, iron ore and coal. It\'s a highly developed industrial and agricultural country. There are

    many big cities in the USA, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and others. The national capital is Washington, D.C. Its population is about 3.4 million. It was built

    in the late eighteenth century as the centre of government. It was named after George Washington, the first president of USA and general of war.

    The USA are the fourth largest country in the World (after Russia, Canada, and China). It occupies the southern part of North America and stretches from the Pacific to the

    Atlantic Ocean. It also includes Alaska in the North and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The total area of the country is about nine and half million square kilometers. The USA borders

    on Canada in the North and on Mexico in the South. It also has a sea border with Russia.

    The USA is a presidential republic. The legislative branch of the US Government, or the Congress, represents all of the American states. It consists of two parts: the House of

    Representatives and the Senate. Each state has two senators, who are elected every 6 years. A senator must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the US for 9 years and live the state

    she or he will represent. A representative must be at least 25 years old, a citizen for 7 years and live in the state.

    USA - the very first state accepted the constitution. It is one of the first countries which have established democracy by the basic form of board. In this report we shall tell

    about the reasons of occurrence of the constitution and about its influence on development of the state on an example of president\'s institute.

    Constitution USA

    With independence came many problems. The U. S. were joined together under one government by the Articles of Confederation. The articles listed the powers of the central

    government and the powers of the states. There was a national Congress made up of representatives from each state. But Congress had almost no power at all. The 13 states acted like 13

    separate little nations. There were many times when states would not cooperate with the central government. They were too busy quarrelling with each other. The U. S. was in danger of


    In May 1787 a meeting began in Philadelphia to change the Articles of Confederation. Representatives from all the states except Rhode Island were present. It was soon decided

    that whole new constitution had to be written. A constitution is set of laws by which a country is governed.

    This meeting became known as the Constitutional Convention. Washington was chosen president of the convention. A 81-year-old Benjamin Franklin took part in its work. A

    new group of first-rate leaders were at this meeting. Among these leaders were

    James Madison and Gouverneur Morris. The people who attended the convention did their work very well. The Constitution has lasted to the present.

    What kind of government would be the best ...

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