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    Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. The time spent on travelling is never wasted.

    Travelling is a source of emotional and romantic feelings. People travel for pleasure or for business. They travel to know other cultures and traditions.

    Travelling enrich and

    abroaden people’s mind.

    People travel to see other countries and continents modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns. They travel to enjoy picturesque places or just for a change of scenes.

    It is always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food , to listen to different musical rhythms.

    People travel spending their time visiting museums and art galleries, places of interest, looking at the shop windows and dining at exotic restaurants.

    Most travelers and holiday-makers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them the sights of a city, old churches and castles views of mountains,

    lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests, different kind of trees, birds, plants and animals.

    People who wish to travel either for pleasure or on business have at their disposal various means of transport. They travel by plain, by train, by ship, by boat, by car, by bus,

    on foot

    - or hikes and sometimes it happens even by bike around the globe. All means of transport have their advantages and disadvantages. All people chose one according

    to their plans and dictation.

    1) If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, especially if you are short in time, the best way is that to travel by plain. It’s better to book ticket’s in advance.

    You know that travelling by plain is the fastest and the means expensive means of travelling because is saves a lot of time.

    On the appointed day you arrive to the airport by car two hours before your light. You have to do some formalities: you fill in a declaration form where you indicate the kind of

    valuables and amount of currency you are bringing from the country. Then you register weigh and label your luggage. Each passenger is allowed 20 kilos of luggage free of charge, no

    more. If you have too many lug you have to pay extra. Together with other passengers you pass through the custom control where your passport and visa are checked up. Your luggage and

    documents are inspected and you are allowed to pass towards the plain.

    As soon as all the passengers take their seats the stewardess gives all the information about the flight, speed and altitude. The stewardess announces the name of pilot and the

    crew. Then she asks all the passengers to adjust their seats in reclining position and fasten seat belts. She promises them to be provided with a hot meat and soft drinks on the way

    as soon as the plain reaches the altitude. The stewardess helps everybody get comfortable in seats and wish them a pleasant flight.

    The average speed of the modern aircraft passenger our flight is accomplished at speed of 90 miles an hour at altitude of 11000 meters.

    Inside the cabin air is always fresh and warm. When onboard the plain you can read watch TV or take a nap. Comfort speed and perfect service make a trip by plane


    Two or three hours later your flight is safely accomplished and you land at the airport of destination.

    How does the stewardess make information a boars the plane?

    Ladies and Gentlemen! We are glad to great you on board our plane (liner) and wish you a happy flight. Our flight is accomplished at speed of 90, miles an hour at altitude of

    11000 meters. The plane lands at New York airport sat 5:30 am.

    При взлёте:

    Your attention, please! Our plain is taking off in some minutes. Move your armchairs in a reclining position and fasten belts of safety. Be ready for flight.


    our plain has already accomplished the full altitude. You will be provided soft drinks and hot meals in few minutes.

    2) Though we all seen to agree that the future belongs to air transport. The railroad toda...

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